Track Review: Purity Ring featuring Danny Brown – Belispeak II

Electronic hit makers Purity Ring are back with a revised version of Belispeak, a single from 2012 album Shrines. Danny Brown has breathed new life into the track with a new hip-hop flavour and a faster tempo allows it to sit more comfortably next to Hip-Hop bangers from the likes of Kanye West and Chance The Rapper. Brown’s lyrics are some of the best in the game right now and are malleable enough to fit within the framework of Purity Ring’s ethereal style. Brown’s grimy, street lyrics could jar with Purity Ring’s dark and dreamy instrumentation but he manages to tie the two very different vocal styles together fairly well, relating the lyrics about “when my belly speaks” to Brown’s hunger growing up poor and then to his hunger in the rap game.


Purity Ring bring new meaning to ‘Old School’

The autotune in the track feels a little unnecessary, seemingly thrown in for a little more 808’s flavour but ends up coming across just a little tacky. Neither artists need to use autotune as a crutch or a gimmick, and it only serves to actually make Megan James’ otherworldly vocals sound less impressive.

My swag is this big

The track doesn’t break new ground for either artist but what we have here is a perfectly serviceable fusion of indie electronica and southern slightly-trap influenced hip-hop. The biggest complaint I have is that the track is simply inoffensive and challenges neither fan base or artist. With that being said, these artists both show incredible potential and my fingers are crossed for potential future collaborations making good on the promise of this track and 25 Bucks, the two artist’s second collaboration on Danny Brown’s Old.


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